Hey Jane says: Back up your work!

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Do you regularly back up your work? Your data? Your photographs and videos?

Most people would probably answer no to that question.

But hard drives die. Everyone knows someone who has had a hard drive die beyond retrieving anything from it. Don’t let it happen to you!

I didn’t used to back up my computer’s contents regularly, and I’m still guilty of not regularly backing up photographs. But, about a year ago I started using Mozy.com’s free back up service, and now every single morning at 8am, a complete back up is made of my most important folders– i.e. my dissertation folder, job market folder, and teaching folder. I don’t have to even think about the back up or remember to do it. It just happens. To back up my entire hard drive I have to plug it into an external drive, so that happens less often. Even so, I know that everything has been backed up at least once a month. And the important stuff, once a day. And that’s peace of mind!

Here’s some links to advice on how to keep regular back ups:


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Historiann has an interesting post about reputation and measures of quality in women’s history journals— mentions Gender & Society.

Historiann has another great post, this time on “opting out”– reminding us all we have the power to say no and not participate in discussions and situations that may be unhealthy for us.

Becky over at the Every Day Sociology Blog writes about using participant observation to study subcultures and includes recommendations for further reading.

Tomorrow’s Professor Blog has tips on writing before you’re ready and avoiding writer’s block.

There are some great suggestions for Internet tools for PhD students (and not only for students) over at 32 Days Remaining.

Lifehacker recommends a new Firefox addon to keep you from goofing off online when you should be working.

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GayProf over at Center of Gravitas has a great post with advice for newly hired faculty.

Gina at the Academic Ladder has a great piece on avoiding writer’s block.

For those still in grad school or still paying off loans, consumerist has posted a “big ass” list of student loan resources.

Career Advice: Dancing with Kate Smith at Inside Higher Ed has some great syllabus tips.

Historiann interviewed the editor of the journal Gender and History, Ruth Mazo Karras. Both posts have excellent general advice on publishing in academic journals.

Dave over at Academic Hack has some great tips on academic branding and creating an online portfolio.

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