Best Advice: Networking [From the Hey Jane archives]

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Hey Jane! is a monthly advice column on the SWS listserv that addresses issues of interest to feminist sociologists and sociologist-activists. The name honors Jane Addams, a feminist sociologist not always recognized enough. This Q&A is hosted by the Career Development Committee, who solicits anonymous questions and responses from multiple SWS members.

Column 23 (January 2008)

For this month’s Hey Jane! Column I asked you to send me your “best” piece of advice.

My best professional advice came from my mother, a technical librarian. 1) Always attend your professional meetings and 2) Be on time.

Send copies of your publications to people who influenced your work or people you would like to read (and hopefully cite) your work.

If you are shy or find it difficult to meet people at conferences, start small – “I’m going to meet one new person today.”

If you want to get involved in a professional organization, go to section business meetings.  Section chairs are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to organize sessions and serve on committees.

Even in our highly technological age, there is still value to the art of the phone call.   Nominate yourself for awards, desirable committees, and positions in professional organization.


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